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Without accountability for the crimes committed in the Beijing massacre, there is no justice for the victims or their families. The bereaved are not even allowed the dignity of public mourning, and may not lay a bouquet in their memory in Tiananmen Square.

Portraits of Loss
and the Quest for Justice

A video by
the Tiananmen Mothers

English version produced by HRIC (June 2009)

June 7, 2011 Tues 7:30pm
Foreign Correspondents' Club
Hong Kong

HRIC Special Feature:

June 4 1989-2009

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I support the reasonable demands of the Tiananmen Mothers and their efforts to end impunity for human rights abuses in China.

  1. The right to mourn peacefully in public;
  2. The right to accept humanitarian aid from organizations and individuals inside and outside China;
  3. No more persecution of June Fourth victims, including those injured in the massacre and the families of the dead;
  4. The release of all people still suffering in prison for their role in the 1989 protests; and
  5. A full, public accounting for the June Fourth Massacre, ending impunity for the perpetrators of this crime.
Your support will be conveyed to the Mothers! These demands will be sent to the Chinese government.