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Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong police ignore request from lawmakers to visit controversial San Uk Ling detention centreHong Kong Free Press, September 10, 2019

【逃犯條例】消息:警新購一萬支伸縮警棍 專供休班警跟身執法 (Police have ordered 10,000 batons for officers to “execute their duty” while off-the-clock)
HK01, September 10, 2019

【逃犯條例】港鐵公開8‧31太子站閉路電視部分畫面 (MTR corporation releases select screenshots of August 31 surveillance footage of Prince Edward Station)
Ming Pao, September 10, 2019

一群市民在報章登全版聯署信 促港鐵公開 831 太子站 CCTV 及職員隨身錄影片段 (Citizens take out front-page ad urging disclosure of surveillance footage of Prince Edward station on August 31 to ease public concern)
Stand News, September 10, 2019

Hong Kong protests: police given medical reports of woman with eye injury despite her bid to block move
South China Morning Post, September 9, 2019

My town is the new Cold War’s Berlin: Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong
Reuters, September 9, 2019

Hong Kong journalists warn of rising police violence against them
The Guardian, September 9, 2019

Chargeboys, wizards and firefighters: The “Braves” on the frontlines of Hong Kong’s protests
Agence France-Presse, September 9, 2019

教育局:人鏈活動令人憂慮 聲浪問題滋擾 引起衝突、傷人等 (Education Bureau says human chain activity “worrying” because it invites clashes and injuries)
Stand News, September 9, 2019

Related:Man detained after teacher injured in knife attack outside Hong Kong school as human-chain protests and class boycotts enter second week
South China Morning Post, September 9, 2019

香港示威冲突前沿的一名黑衣人:我们的理想和代价 (From frontlines of Hong Kong’s protests: The price of our aspirations)
BBC, September 9, 2019

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