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This study evaluates the effect of the 1996 amendment of China’s Criminal Procedure Law (CPL, enacted in 1979) and shows that the Chinese authorities have circumvented the CPL’s rights safeguards by exploiting loopholes, watering down existing provisions, and blatantly violating the law. In some areas, the revisions have actually resulted in greater limitations on rights. Includes HRIC’s recommendations on steps that China and the international community can take to improve respect for international human rights norms in China’s criminal justice system.

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中国政府关于联合国消除种族歧视委员会 结论性意见后续行动的答复材料 来源: 中文原文 中国人权英译文 消除种族歧视委员会结论性意见中提到的问题,中方在向委员会提交的履约报告和主题清单答复材料中以及与委员会进行互动对话时已作出一定说明。中国政府现根据结论性意见有关后续行动的建议(第61段),就结论性意见第33段(b)、第42段(a)-(...
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Hong Kong (香港)

Chinese state leader to visit Hong Kong for first time since Beijing decision that triggered Occupy protests
梁振英邀张德江下月访港 是否就港独、选举表态引关注
South China Morning Post, April 14, 2016

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