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In China . . . (poem)

December 30, 2013

In China—
At the bottom of the abyss
Is still a road!

In China—
People fallen into the abyss
Can still be marchers!

In China—
When the abyss floats this way and that
The presence of the world is uncertain!

In China—
Some are bound to seize the opportunity to take off

Some are bound to be surprised:
How very beautiful the flight in the abyss!

In China—
On the road that floats this way and that
The souls at the lowest, deepest part
Are guiding the thousands upon thousands!

In China—
At the bottom of the abyss
Echoes strike at one another!

In China—
Those in unfathomable depths
Leave deep footprints!

In China—
Among the people, there must be some
Wearing black hair, and wearing a dark cloud!

In China—
The road floats this way and that
In the distance, a suspect Gordian knot!

In China—
The road is thus fixed
But the future will flutter and unfold!

In China—
The abyss collapses in a boom
You and I, for the first time, reveal ourselves on the horizon . . .

June 3, 2010, Hong Kong


English translation by Human Rights in China.

Meng Lang

Meng Lang (孟浪), pen name of Meng Junliang (孟俊良) , is a poet and co-founder of PEN International Independent Chinese Centre. He was born in Shanghai in 1961.

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