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Open Letters by Former Police Officers Urge New CPC Leadership to Combat Corruption, End Persecution of Rights Defenders and Uphold Rule of Law

April 19, 2013

Following two open letters in August and September 2012 urging the Communist Party of China (CPC) to address corruption in the judicial system and redress the miscarriage of justice in their individual cases, this group of former police officers have issued three additional open letters to the new CPC leadership. In two of them, issued in October and December 2012, they urge the new leaders to stop persecuting rights defenders under the guise of "stability maintenance," punish those responsible for cases of miscarriage of justice, and express their commitment to play a leading role in the rights defense movement. In the February 2013 letter, in the form of an anti-corruption declaration, the police officers condemn corrupt officials for wielding "stability maintenance" as a tool to protect themselves and subject citizens to arbitrary detention, beating, and other forms of rights violations. The declaration also expresses the signatories' support of the CPC's commitment to address corruption, uphold the supremacy of the Constitution, and advance the rule of law.