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Hong Kong (香港)

From Occupy to ballot box: new Scholarism party could end up clashing with old guard democrats in Legco elections
South China Morning Post, February 17, 2016

People’s Daily targets Scholarism and Civic Party for “supporting” Mong Kok “rioters”
Hong Kong Free Press, February 16, 2016

China preparing to charge Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo with blackmail—report
The Guardian, February 17, 2016

International publishers urge Chief Executive to take action on missing booksellers
Hong Kong Free Press, February 18, 2016

香港特区立法会保安委会: 严厉谴责暴力袭击执法人员和记者 (LegCo Security Panel sternly denounces violent attacks on law enforcement and journalists)
Legal Daily, February 17, 2016

经济学人指“鱼蛋革命”乃对政府不满北京需正视 (The Economist: “Fishball Revolution” stems from discontent towards government, Beijing should face it squarely)
Radio France Internationale, February 16, 2016中国/20160216-经济学人指“鱼蛋革命”乃对政府不满北京需正视

Thursday, February 18, 2016
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