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HRIC’s media work supports domestic forces for change and advances international awareness of cases and systemic issues to promote results-oriented actions.

The major components of our media work include press work, translations, news aggregation, and social and multimedia.

Through press work—press releases, statements, case updates, and HRIC Bulletins—HRIC contributes to international understanding of the complex challenges facing rights defenders in China. And with English translations of key documents and essays, we provide important bridges for Chinese voices and resources on domestic legal and policy developments.

To help the international community keep up with important rights-related developments and emerging trends in and relevant to China, HRIC produces the HRIC Daily Brief , a daily selection of stories from English-language and Chinese-language print, broadcast, and online news outlets.

On HRIC’s YouTube Channel, we present HRIC-produced commentaries, interviews, and short topical videos as well as showcase, via playlists, videos produced by activists in China. In addition, HRIC has produced a documentary on June Fourth, Portraits of Loss and the Quest for Justice (2009), and a podcast series of interviews with participants in the 1989 Democracy Movement.

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"Upfront," Aljazeera, April 6, 2018

HRIC executive director Sharon Hom and Qinduo Xu, senior fellow at the Pangoal Institution in Beijing, debate the end of term limits for Chinese President Xi Jinping on Aljazeera’s Upfront. [Segment starts at 14:35]

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