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NGOs from Over 100 Countries Support the People of Hong Kong

October 24, 2019

At its congress in Taipei, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), a global federation of 192 human rights member organizations from more than 100 countries, unanimously approved an urgent resolution (full text below) supporting the Hong Kong people’s protests calling for government accountability and political reform.

Human Rights in China is co-sponsor of the resolution with the Taiwan Association for Human Rights.

Triggered by the introduction of an extradition bill earlier this year to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Legislative Council, the protests initially demanded the withdrawal of the bill that would have exposed any person living in or passing through Hong Kong to extradition to mainland China, where the judicial system lacks independence from Communist Party of China and rule of law protections. Since early June, the protests have grown in response to sustained state-sanctioned violence against largely peaceful protesters.

“The HKSAR government fails to address the political crisis that it has created, irresponsibly allowing the police force to run rampant and trample on rights. The FIDH Congress’ unanimous passage of the Hong Kong resolution stands as a global affirmation of the just cause of the Hong Kong people,” said Sharon Hom, Executive Director of Human Rights in China. “It also sends a strong message of global solidarity to the Hong Kong people that they are not alone in their defense of fundamental rights and freedoms, well-being, and security.”

The resolution highlights deep concerns over excessive use of force by the police in violation of international standards, including during dispersal of public assemblies; violent, indiscriminate attacks on citizens; physical attacks by agents affiliated with pro-Beijing triad elements and condoned by representatives of the HKSAR authorities; the arrest and detention of over 2,500 people, including minors, lawyers, social workers, journalists, and medical personnel; reports of abuse and torture in detention, and denial of access to lawyers; and the continued refusal by HKSAR authorities to conduct independent investigations into documented incidents of police brutality.

The FIDH Congress resolution expresses strong support for the five demands of the Hong Kong people: withdrawal of the extradition bill, establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into police violence, removal of the “riot” label of assemblies, release of arrested protesters, and universal suffrage.

Full text of FIDH Urgent Resolution

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