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Citizen Activism

An undated photo of Lin Zhao, born in 1932, pen-name of Peng Lingzhao. Lin was labeled a “rightist” in 1957 when she was 25 after she made remarks publicly showing sympathy towards “rightist” schoolmates. Later she wrote articles for an unofficial publication and sent a long petition to Mao Zedong...
Jiang Qisheng’s defense Last December, more than a year after his trial, Jiang Qisheng was finally informed of his sentence, four years in prison for issuing an open letter suggesting peaceful ways for people to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 1989 June Fourth massacre. He is currently...
Tong Shidong & Liao Shihua
Man who Exposed "Blacklist" Ill in Prison China Rights Forum , Summer 1999 On April 19, Human Rights in China and Human Rights Watch issued an appeal for the release of Chen Meng.


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